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Bugs, Birds – Pest Control Measures for Facilities

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! Unfortunately for property owners this means bugs and pest control measures must be taken:

From mosquitoes, spiders and beetles to mice and birds, no one wants to deal with them inside their manufacturing plant or office. Many businesses need to actively manage pests, particularly:

Federal Agencies and regulating bodies have many requirements for facilities that handle food and require ventilation, don't be caught off guard when an inspector comes to visit. USDA and FDA  regulations require food manufacturers to actively prevent pests:
Windows and doors that must be kept open for ventilation are screened to prevent pest entry.The building has barriers in place to protect against birds, rodents, insects and other pests.
Points of Entry
Consider the potential points of entry for pests in your facility: Staff / pedestrian doors, overhead garage doors and other building openings need to be properly sealed off if kept open for ventilation to keep pests out. Many points of infiltration may exist at your building:
Dock Doorskept open for ventilation
Gaps in door closures with insufficientseals and weatherstripping
Exterior Counter Service Doors
There are many solutions for keeping pests out of your facility by upgrading entrances with additional pest-blocking components or taking preventative measures with existing door equipment. Some of the tools to fight pests that we can assist you with:
Dock / Overhead Vinyl Mesh Bug Screen
Automatic or Manual operating bug screens install over existing doors and can be tied into door controls.

Sectional Secure Metal Screens
Addressing both pests and security concerns, sectional-style mesh, chain-link, and expanded metal panels can be installed to keep bugs and intruders out.

Vinyl Strip Doors
Vinyl strip doors block bugs and provide for easy movement of goods. They also decrease energy costs by sealing off the opening

Air Curtains
Air curtains are a popular choice for high-traffic entrances for customers. Downward-forced air creates a barrier between the inside without creating a physical obstacle for the person.

Unseen gaps in doors provide the perfect opportunity for small intruders to get inside, seal off your door properly and save on energy costs as well.

Door Component Maintenance
It is possible the door itself is the culprit - slow closing doors, doors not closing properly with frame need to have the hinges adjusted or replaced. Schedule maintenance for your door to keep out the bugs.


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