Low Bid - High Legal Costs

Men working on dock doors outside

A customer hired a low bidder with whom they had no experience for some garage door work. These were large doors that required the workmen to be about thirty feet in the air. The job was in the second and final day when the accident occurred. Apparently the workmen were a little short of the height they needed and tied two ladders together, which was working for them until one of the men needed help.

As the second workman reached the first workman the cobbled together ladder system came apart and both men fell with the ladders to the dock floor below. While both men survived the customer was dragged into a costly legal mess, increased insurance costs and OSHA involvement. Our safety system is built around the premise of reducing ladder work. Our workmen can call from a job they are uncomfortable with and have a company scissors lift delivered on a company delivery truck. Obviously more expensive than two ladders tied together from the low bidder, but way cheaper when you factor in the unintended consequences.

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