Pressure Washing Garage Doors

Men in bucket trucks pressure washing commercial garage doors

Pressure Washing Garage Doors – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Avoid these common pressure washing pitfalls and costly mistakes at your facility. Tips for Proper care and maintenance of garage doors:

Warmer days are here, the weather is generally cooperating and it’s time to tackle much needed projects and repairs at your building. Right now is an excellent time to wash the grime off of your building from the winter months - scheduling a pressure washing of any of the following is a good way to clean up the look of the building: building exterior, garage floor, walls, ceiling. Grime and dust has built up and it is time for it to go! Blast away!

Be warned, though: The potential risks of damaging your door with power washing: Motor operators, safety sensors (photo eyes), push button and keypad stations, and door mechanical components can become damaged with pressure washing and cause malfunctions in the door, rendering the door non-functional and in need of repair.

Power Washing and Door Equipment

The power washing company, or your in-house maintenance techs may not be aware of the potential damage and frustrations that can come from accidentally wetting your door’s electrical components!


Require that all contractors and staff know of the functional components of your door and DO NOT Pressure wash the electrical and motorized components of the door during your next pressure washing project! This potentially removes lubricants and grease from bearings and gears, as well as causing water damage to electrical circuits.

Door Electrical and Mechanical Components to Watch Out For

The power washing company, or your in-house maintenance techs may not be aware of the potential damage and frustrations that can come from accidentally wetting your door’s electrical components!

Motor Operators

A motor operator for a garage door Motor operators open and close your door, they are a critical component that cannot be wet or sprayed by a washer or you will have an expensive repair on your hands!

Photo Eye Safety Sensors

photo eye safety sensors installed on a garage door Photo eye safety sensors need to be kept clean and their line of sight free of debris and obstructions. They are there to prevent the door from closing on an object or person - wetting these and damaging the electrical components can cause the door to misread and reverse itself when no object is present or, worse, cause them not to see the object and close the door on an object causing extensive damages. If you suspect issues with your safety device call us immediately to check it for you rather than risk more extensive problems in the future!

Push Button and Keypad Stations

Garage door operating buttons with a key inserted to active it Door control stations, keypads, card readers and other access control systems are full of electronic wiring and logic board that will malfunction if water permeates the housing, which is possible with pressure washing. Avoid spraying on or near these to prevent costly maintenance issues and down-time at the opening.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your building components and spring cleaning should go hand in hand. Now is the time to schedule annual, or bi-annual maintenance of the doors in the building.

Maintenance and Inspection Programs prevent future expensive repairs, early replacement of doors, and potential accidents. Overhead doors need attention from an expert to balance the springs and counterbalance mechanisms, check the cables, track and rollers, and safety components. Commercial doors, with high-cycle and heavy duty components, and specialized motors and sensors cost thousands to replace.

Scheduling a simple and affordable inspection and maintenance with Industrial Door Company can save you lost time, headaches, and accidents!

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Our preventative maintenance programs are an affordable solution to prevent expensive repair costs down the road, and include service discounts with comprehensive plans. Customize a maintenance agreement to your needs and budget, we offer:

Basic Preventative Maintenance

Inspection, lubrication, door operation checks

Extended Maintenance

Includes door re-balancing, limit adjustements

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

Includes full inspection of door components, lubrication, balancing, and replacement of common wear items such as hinges, rollers, and weather-stripping. Comprehensive Plans for the whole building include a 10% discount on technician service calls throughout the year

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