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Dock Doors

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers ensure a smooth transition of goods from dock to truck, and are a necessity in applications where a forklift or other heavy load  is being driven or wheel from a dock into a trailer. They provide a platform and have shock-absorbing components to stabilize the load transfer into the trailer or box truck.

A dock leveler must be maintained by a skilled professional regularly, and needs to be able to handle the loads that the facility is moving.

Automated levelers include advanced safety features such as vehicle restraint interlock which prevents the leveler functioning or detaching from an unsecured trailer.

Dock Doors

Most docks are set up with one of two types of overhead doors: a sectional or rolling door. A high speed  door may also be used in the vestibule area.

Dock Seals and Dock Shelters

Seals and shelters control heating and cooling costs by sealing off the gaps between the truck trailer and building. They mitigate rain and snow hazards in the work area and prevent damages from trailers impacing the opening and surrounding wall.

Dock Solutions Guide

A comprehensive guide of common dock door components, maintenance, and safety measures. No building engineer or property manager dealing with loading docks should go without reading this!

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