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Pedestrian Doors for commercial building front entrances, emergency egress doors and personnel doors. We specialize in commercial grade swing doors built to withstand years of abuse. Front entrance doors can be specified in a variety of finishes, and hardware matched to existing building decor. We also automate doors for customer convenience as well as ADA handicapped accessibility. Fire-rated pedestrian doors available for life safety inspections to comply with NFPA building codes.

  • Dura Series and Circulation Series Pedestrian Doors are designed to handle frequent use and abuse.
  • Vision Series Aluminum & Glass Doors are available in a variety of finishes to match your fa├žade.
  • Featuring superior quality locks, closers, safety devices, and automatic openers.
  • State of the art technology security and access systems provided protection and peace of mind.
  • Fire rated NFPA compliant hardware and panic device
  • Commercial Swing Doors to fit your need - employee doors, front entrance doors, warehouse man doors

Front Entrance Pedestrian Doors

Doors infront of old building Front entrance commercial doors come in a variety of styles and construction material to enhance doorway entrances and match the style of the building. Front entrance doors are the first impression a visitor see when entering a business.

Man Doors / Warehouse Doors

Heavy Duty Outdoor Man Door Heavy duty man doors withstand years of abuse, and are used anywhere from warehouses, manufacturing plants, and loading docks. Fire-rated doors and push-bar assemblies can be specified.

Door Hardware, Handles, Latches, Hinges, Closers

Commercial door handle For high use entrances, only commercial grade hardware will suffice. We have decades of experience working with the leading manufacturers of panic bars / push-bars, door hardware, strikes, locks, and door closers. Hardware can be closely matched to match the existing look of the building, with a variety of styles and finishes available. Comply with building code, ensure safety of your door locks and create a smooth guest experience with quality door hardware.


Bottom door swing brush A common wear-and-tear component, swing door weather-stripping bridges the gap between door, frame and thresholds. Brushes and extruded rubber tubing seal off the gaps in the door to stop drafts, water and snow, and pests from entering the facility. We match existing weatherstrip designs and help you save on energy costs and prevent weather and pests from creeping into your building: Gasketings, brushes, Bottom Brush / Sweep, Threshold

Door Construction

the inside of doors to show how they are made Swing Doors are made from an array of materials, they can be metal, wooden, fiberglass and mostly glass doors. We help specify the exact door needed for the application, whether it be a simple metal door for an emergency exit, an interior wooden or glass and metal door, or a front entrance door designed to attract visitors. We also have experience working on specialty doors, such as all glass doors with in-floor closers and hardware.

Fire-Rated Swing Doors, Fire Door Testing

metal fire doors inside buring building Fire-rated doors are designed with materials and hardware made to stop a fire from spreading for a certain amount of time. Fire door testing involves performing specific checks for these doors to be compliant and a record of annual testing must be kept, according to the International Building Code (IBC). Commercial buildings and residences contain fire-rated walls which segment the building in a way that prevents fire from spreading throughout rapidly. Fire-rated walls also have openings (doors) in them which people, equipment, and vehicles may pass through, the doors themselves must comply with IBC and local rules for how quickly the doors close by themselves, and to what amount of time the doors must be rated to withstand a fire. Fire doors have labels on them denoting the rating and must not be covered or painted over. Typically, fire-rated doors are located in openings leading out to a common area or hallway, in an opening to an electrical or generator room, in openings between a warehouse and an office, and sometimes leading to the exterior, if the building produces or handles flammable material / compounds or is in close proximity with another building. Check with the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), which is usually a city or county building and zoning department or the fire department's fire marshall to see which doors need to have ratings and regular testing.

Swing Door Services and Repair

Door undergoing maintenance Free Visual Inspection / Estimate for Repair, Closer Adjustments, Door Re-Hang, Hinge Replacement, Fixing Rubbing, Stuck, and Sagging Doors, Push-bar replacement, In-floor closer servicing, Door Automation, Automatic Hold-Open Devices (Mag Locks), Access Control - Key Pad / Swipe Card Installation

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