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Sectional Doors

How much do you know about your facility's garage door? Is it properly adjusted, lubricated and reliable? How many opening and closing cycles has the door seen? Are the panels rusting, dented, beat out? Is the spring about to blow? We are here to help you determine the answers to these questions.

Sectional Doors are one of the most common types of garage doors and are composed of solid panels interlocked with hinges that roll up above the opening on a track. Our doors come in a variety of insulation and speed options to best suit the needs of the facility. We like to think of the overhead door as a "moving wall" in your facility, and not just a door. There are many variables at play - quality of the components, insulation ability, and the quality of the installation, among other considerations. Send us a message or give us a call today for a free consultation about your sectional door.

Sectional Door Options

Let our expert team service or install your overhead door, garage door, or warehouse door. Heavy duty heavy gauge steel provides safety and security where needed. Polyurethane technology and superior door construction yield a high strength to weight ratio. Offering a variety of motor operating options.

Thermal Series Sectional Doors allow for durability while maintaining the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Dura Series Sectional Doors are built to withstand the daily abuse and demand of an industrial facility.

Contractor Series for economy budgets

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional doors keep cooling and heating costs at bay. We can specify panels in varying degrees of insulation quality and price points - our most popular panels feature rolled steel with foam injected into the panels, providing optimal insulation. Make the right investment from the beginning - the door is a giant opening in your building's thermal barrier and is often an unseen point of energy loss. Budget models can be specified with foam blocks placed in the panels, or no insulation at all.

Sectional Door Glass and Windows

Sectional door windows provide visibility for users at the the opening, without having to open the door. A single panel with windows is optimal for seeing through the door, or full glass sections can be specified to showcase the interior of a business, such as a car dealership or restaurant.

Sectional Door Panels

We help you identify a replacement sectional door panel. Your older doors will have panels that have become warped from wind-loading, and dented from an accident or user abuse, misshapen panels can cause more expensive future problems and can make the door dangerous to operate. Schedule a free estimate with us to come match your existing panel and quote a replacement!

Break-Away Bottom Panels

Knockout Panels for sectional doors are designed so that they can be hit accidentally, knocked out of the bracket and reset. They are a great solution for high traffic doors where a forklift may hit a door panel or a door might close on a truck accidentally.

Safety Sensors

Photo Eye

Photo Eyes are placed at the bottom of the overhead door to prevent it from closing on people, cars, and other objects. The photo eye is a laser beam and the two devices must be facing each other to work correctly. It is not uncommon for the photo eyes to be bumped and hit by people or equipment and not work correctly, making your automatic door act strange or refuse to close. In the winter, plow trucks can bump these as well causing them to move out of adjustment. A solution for this issue is to add a photo eye cover, a protective shielding piece of metal that protects the photo eye.

Light Curtain

Light curtains provide a greater level of safety by casting a wide beam across the opening instead of a single laser beam. They can detect any passing person, object or vehicle much more effectively than a photo eye laser.

Motor Operators and Limits Adjustment

Motor Operators

Motor operators eventually need servicing with wear and tear, and newer operators are available that seamlessly tie into a building's security and access control systems.

Limits Adjustment

Sectional doors have limits that can be set and adjusted. A bit of fine tuning can help the door seal more closely with the floor if there are any gaps or the floor surface has changed since original installation.

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