Solid Wood Doors

Solid core wood doors are a great choice for hotel doors, hotel doors, modern business centers, medical centers, medical offices, dentist offices, cafes doors, bar doors, restaurant doors, interior doors, company buildings, etc.

Just like metal doors, architectural wood doors are durable enough to withstand heavy and frequent use, though recommended for interior use only. And, wood provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Wood doors of all sizes and types can be pre-machined to accommodate almost any hardware application; everything from lock cutouts, hinges, etc.

While they only account for a small percentage of a building’s design budget, commercial doors are a key component of a successful project. Commercial doors do more than complete your design. Wood doors can be custom sized to fit any sized frame you need.

Commercial Wood Doors

The industrial and commercial wood doors are widely recognized as a great value in the commercial door industry. Specifically, doors made from particleboard Core: Ground-up raw wood glued together. It is durable, ensures support, low cost, and widely available. Other options include structural composite lumber, and 60 to 90 minute fire-rated mineral core. Mineral core wood doors are most commonly used on the interiors of a commercial building, and in fire rated door openings as they provide a budgeted way to handle fire ratings of up to 90 minutes.

If you desire it, you are free to create custom wood doors however you would like, from grain/color options to painted edges. Add cutouts, vision-lites, door window kits, or louvers to nearly any flush wood door. More options are raised panel, flat panel, and solid flush doors with a multitude of options including louvers, k-braces, v-groove plank panels, carving and engraving, applied moldings, Dutch doors, pocket doors and transoms. Standard stains or clear coating, as well as custom matching of stains, are available. Metal frames are also available for better support.

Types of Wooden Doors

Some commercial doors are sold as pre finished wood doors. These are a great purchase option if you do not want to take the time to finish it yourself. A pre finished door will be protected to maximize its beauty and life.

In addition to looking nice, solid core wooden doors are much safer than average doors in a fire situation. Fire rated wood doors help control the spread of fire and smoke.

There are glass options as well (obscure options, v-groove options, mirrored glass) that offer truly unique decorating opportunities. Doors Lites can also be used, which are framed glass panels fixed in the door, sidelight, or transom. They neither open nor have an operable sash, but they can vastly change the look and feel of a space by controlling the passage of light . They can be decorative or clear and are typically made with safety glass and insulated A typical mahogany or birch door is also a wonderful decorative option if glass isn’t your style. Birch provides a beautiful smooth beige color, as opposed to a brown shade.

Regardless of the project, at Industrial Door Company we can help you select and instal the perfect commercial wood door.

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