FIRE DOOR INSPECTION is required in all municipalities.

NFPA 80 requires all Fire Doors to be Tested Annually. Section reads: All horizontal or vertical sliding and rolling doors shall be inspected and tested annually to check for proper operation and full closure. Resetting of the release mechanism shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A written record shall be maintained and be made available to the authority having jurisdiction. 15.5.3 States when a fire door, frame, or any part or its appurtenances receives damage to the extent it could impair the door’s proper emergency function it shall be repaired with parts obtained from the original door’s manufacturer. Upon completion of repairs the door shall be tested to assure emergency operation and closing.

Fire Door testing includes:

Simulate fire call by physically disconnecting the fuse link at farthest/highest point to determine if linkage will fall away properly and release door and if door will release and close to the fully closed position

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