Loading Dock Repair Service

If your business has a loading dock, chances are your loading dock equipment is going to wear down or fail at one point. At Industrial Door of Chicago our services don’t stop at the overhead door and high speed doors. Our repair and replacement technicians can assist with any dock equipment issues you might have. Dock leveler repairs, dock seals, overhead doors, you name it and we will be able to help you with your dock repair. To ensure that your dock repair is properly taken care of and you can continue your business operation with a safe and durable dock, please reach out today.

Loading Dock

Your loading dock area is comprised of a number of key elements, all of which are important for safe and efficient loading dock operations of unloading and loading. When one or more of these elements is not functioning properly, it can impact your ability to do business. That’s where Industrial Door Company of Chicago is able to provide dock services. We offer comprehensive loading dock repair service to get your dock up and running like new again. If your loading dock levelers are not performing then reach out and we can help you.

Dock Levelers

One aspect to loading dock equipment is the dock leveler, which is used to equal out the height with the truck trailer and the loading dock. Most dock levelers change height to help deal with the truck trailer moving as items are unloaded or loaded onto the truck. The lip of the dock levelers sit inside the trailer of the truck. Without realizing it, a loading dock leveler will quickly become a loading dock equipment tool that you rely on everyday. Therefore, it is imperative that proper maintenance of a loading dock leveler is performed on a consistence basis. By doing so, it will prevent costly dock leveler repair bills. Reach out today and inquire about our loading dock service.

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