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Summer Crime Spikes – Is your facility secure?

You hear it on the news every summer -crime spikesin the city and suburbs! Is this something that should be a concern for a commercial property or place of business? Can that repair wait, and can you afford to find out? Simple checks and maintenance of existing doorways, docks and gates as well as consideration of potential security gaps at a facility go a long way to preventing potentially costly mistakes.
Whether it is the heat, more people outside and more opportunities for crime, or juveniles on summer break, it is clear there is a whole lot more going on in the summertime and to pay attention to as a facility manager or business owner. There are many preventative solutions that businesses and commercial properties employ as well, from additional fencing and barriers, security grilles and enclosures of spaces to graffiti resistant products. If you are in the property management business, additional security measures and conveniences can help attract and retain tenants to your property as well:

Securing Dock Entrances and Overhead Doors

Folding Gates

Docks and overhead doors are often left open for ventilation in the summer, this creates a big opportunity for things to go missing! Thankfully there are many clever solutions on the marketplace tailored to these problems. A dock or garage door can be left open and made more secure with a variety of solutions, from simple folding gates to rigid sectional doors with mesh or expanded metal panels.

Easy to use folding gate keeps intruders out
Pedestrian Door Security and Precautions
Servicing sagging doors and worn-out vulnerable components
There are a few ways to increase security at pedestrian or service door entryways - adding screen doors or folding gate solutions, as well as servicing old doors so they do not become pried open by thieves. We see many doors that are not quite aligned with the frame or the locking mechanism has become worn and could be tampered with to open the door. Simple service and maintenance, as well as replacement of worn components by one of our experienced field technicians can go a long way to increasing door security and increasing the life-span of the door.
Folding Gates for Pedestrian Doors
Folding gates can also be installed on swing doors and give you the option of having a service door open while protected from intruders, as well as allow for additional security of entrances. They are relatively easy to install in existing entryways depending on available space.

 Parking Garages and Lots
Parking lots and garages are expected to provide a secure space to store employee, tenant or visitor's vehicles and property. Unsecured parking lots pose a risk for users expecting their valuables to be secure, and an opportunity for theft or break-in.
Parking Gates, Bicycle Enclosures
Bicycle racks are also at risk and many businesses and residences are now providing bike shelters with controlled access for guests. A whole host of other unwanted visitors plague parking lots: tourists and shoppers parking illegally, non-tenants parking cars, and groups of teenagers loitering can create opportunity for crime or vandalism, at your expense! A proper gate with access control can eliminate these problems for many parking facilities.

Bike Storage
Block off areas for convenient and secure storage

 Sliding, Folding, and Swing Gates for Parking Lots

Control access to parking lots and garages and eliminate unwanted guests

Security Shutters, Security Partitions and Folding Grille Enclosures
Office buildings, rental properties, malls, large retailers and medical facilities often have small kiosks, coffee-shops and even store-within-a-store concepts. These provide the convenience for employees or guests and enhance the marketability of property or business. They also have a demand to be secured outside of business hours. Some of the solutions vary from security shutters at service windows, security partitions to folding grille enclosures. These are simple solutions to the potential problem of theft and tampering - and are easily installed and maintained. There are many options which do not detract from the visual aesthetic of a space as well, while providing security of the enclosed space.

Secure kiosks, cafes and vending in commons

Security Partitions
Close off whole sections or rooms of buildings to limit guest access

Security shutters, from grilles to rolling doors close off service counters when not in use
Vandalism and Graffiti-proof doors
Many vandals enjoy the opportunity to make their mark, on your expensive service door! Counteract this with graffiti-resistant solutions, such as reinforced polyeurethane textured doors which make graffiti difficult and deter vandals from marking up and scratching your investment.

 Service Doors Are often plagued by graffiti

Graffiti Resistant Texture 
Easily cleanable and textured doors make it difficult for vandals to write or draw on.
Remotes and Automatics
"If it can happen, it will"
This is a good mentality to have when evaluating the security of your building's access points and entryways.
Remote Controls and Automatic Locks
Garage remotes can get lost or become stolen. Master keyed doors provide vulnerability to a business if the key becomes lost or stolen. We can help you upgrade to automated locks with keypads or keycards for guests or employees.

Light Curtains and Photo Eyes
Another overlooked point of liability are overhead doors with malfunctioning photo eyes. Employees, or unattentive and uninvited visitors can walk into the path of a rapidly closing rolling or sectional overhead door - increase the visibility of these doors by upgrading to a light curtain, or beam of light from above to detect and prevent potential collisions between person and door.

Keep Bugs, and People Out!
An overlooked summer concern is the intrusion of bugs, birds, raccoons, and other pests into facilities. Solutions, such as sectional-style expanded metal doors are tough enough to keep pests and people out.
Sectional-Style Screen Door
Screen doors installed on their own track parallel to your existing overhead door. Expanded metal or mesh screening offered at different gauges provides optimum security from intruders and pests.

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